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By using the latest dental technology available, we are able to treat our patients more comfortably, with fewer office visits and shorter treatment times. We no longer have to wait for old-school film x-rays to develop, our digital radiograph system is instantaneous!

Tooth decay is initially a slow process. Diagnosed early, the progression can be stopped.  At a very early stage, it is often enough to clean the "problem area" and apply fluoride to stop the cavity development. If the decay has already led to a collapse of the tooth surface, the softened tissue must be removed minimally invasively and the cavity has to be filled. We use only white and tooth-colored composites and ceramics.

If a tooth or several teeth are missing they can be replaced by various methods such as bridges, dentures and implants.

If your natural teeth are missing you may need a partial or full denture. In this case Implants provide secure fit of the whole structure.

•   White fillings
•   Crowns
•   Bridges   
•   Implants
•   Dentures   
•   Root canals
•   TMJ treatment

Let us know if you ever have difficulty flossing, or if your floss catches or tears. You might have an overhang in those spots. Overhangs are a serious problem and a threat to the health of your teeth and gums. Many serious problems can be avoided by finding and replacing any restorations that have overhangs.
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Overhangs: what are they and what causes them?

One of the keys to the long-term success of your restoration and the health of your gums is the accuracy of the fit. This is particularly true of the area where the restoration meets the tooth. The ideal circumstance is a seamless transition where the tooth and the filling or crown meet. When a restoration is too bulky where it meets the tooth, it is referred to as an overhang.
Restorative Dentistry
Overhangs can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time because they:

•   Trap food and bacteria
•   Make it difficult or impossible to floss
•   Can contribute to periodontal disease and cavities
•   Can cause long-term bone loss

The leading causes of overhangs are time and dentist error. Over time, silver amalgam fillings can absorb moisture and change from their original shape. The errors are typically due to challenges and technique problems at the time of placement. Whatever their origin, overhangs must be corrected. In most cases, this requires removal of the old filling or crown and replacement with a new one that fits properly.

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