Dr. med. dent Deniza Ianev
M.Sc. in Dental Prosthetics
Dentistry Inspired by Passion
Hünenbergerstrasse 2 6330 Cham
email: info@chamzahnarzt.ch
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Refrain from eating, drinking or rinsing for 3 hours after surgery. Your jaw may be stiff, or your throat sore, so it may be difficult to eat following oral surgery.

You will be able to drink and may be able to eat soft foods. Drinking should begin on the same day as your surgery. Drink soups such as chicken or beef broths, water, fruit and vegetable juices, and powdered food supplements. Drink as much as you are able to in order to prevent dehydration but please refrain from using a straw.

Avoid hot liquids on the first day. Small amounts of liquid should be taken frequently. A regular diet can be resumed as soon as it can be comfortably managed. Do not use a straw to drink, as the sucking action may dislodge a clot and start the bleeding again.


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